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Welcome to the Student Portal where you will find resources & recommended reading for your Specialist Sandtray Practitioner Training


Training Resources

Training Manual - Sandtray Therapy: A Practical Manual,  by Daniel S. Sweeney and Linda E. Homeyer

Students are required to purchase a copy of this manual available at

The Specialist Sandtray Workbook -  will be handed out in class for students use, along with a work book with exercises

Other training resources will include Case Studies, Photo examples of Sandtray's for discussion, worksheets, group discussions on ethics & confidentiality and other related topics

We will add to this list as we go through the Course content

Sandtray Play and Storymaking - Sheila Dorothy Smith

Sandplay and Storytelling - Kristín Unnsteinsdottir  & Barbara Turner

Research articles

We are continuously uploading new articles and research papers.
This is also a space for students to showcase their own work in Sandtray