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Specialist Sandtray Practitioner Training Package for Organisations

Sandtray Therapy Practitioner Specialist Training for Organisations

Face to face classroom training with online assessments, 20 hours of client contact hours and a bonus of train the trainer. This also includes hands outs, resources and consultancy to set up your practice rooms.

This training can be delivered over 18 weeks of 5 modules (2 days each module) or as an intense training program of 2 x 5 day intensives. This would be at our purpose designed training facility here in Richmond, NSW on the campus of UWS. Accommodation is available at very affordable prices.

We can work with your organisation to develop a training routine to suit your staff needs. Contact Fiona Werle for a chat 0412 534 690

Course can be designed to suit any organisational needs and we will develop resources specific for your industry. For example if your industry works with AOD, Abuse, Attachment (OOHC), refugees, Indigenous & Torres Strait Islanders we will make our training resources and learning material specific to your needs.

We can deliver this specialist training at our own purpose designed building with access to well priced accommodation or we can travel to your preferred location to deliver in house training.

We also incorporate train the trainer in this training package for organisations so that you will be able to reduce costs on further training. Though we will make ourselves available for further workshops, CPD/PD and supervision.




Sandtray Therapy is a cross theoretical and research-based method of psychotherapy developed in the 1920’s by child psychiatrist Dr Margaret Lowenfeld. Margaret Lowenfeld developed the World Technique, often referred to as sand play or sandtray in the late 1920’s because of her frustration with the limitations of traditional talking therapy in the psychoanalytic tradition. She wanted to find a way to engage with the inner life of children and to understand the ideas, feelings and emotions that they were often unable to communicate in words (Dr Margaret Lowenfeld Trust). Today this method is used for children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups. This method  uses non-verbal communication in the form of the images (out first language) to help the sand player and the therapist to unravel: intergenerational trauma, complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, family constellations and most other issues associated with being human.

As a cross-theoretical method all the developmental theories throughout the lifespan can be adapted to Sandtray including Erikson, Piaget, Bowlby, Maslow, and the new developments in personality allow theories such as Emotional & Social Intelligence, Daniel Goleman a place. Neuroscience and theories of sensorimotor such as that of Pat Ogden, Dan Siegal, Bessel Van der Kolk and Ruth M. Buczynski allow practitioners to adapt left brain methods towards the right brain Sandtray therapy. The changes in development at a right brained neuro cortical level are combined with a felt sense, somatic, this is needed in order for changes to occur, therapists bring their clients awareness to this felt sense in order for a new narrative to occur. This has now been coined the ‘Bottom Up’ approach, meaning once the child/adolescent or adult places their hands into the sand, their interpersonal process begins, and their right brain is given a creative outlet.


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