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Opengate Institute is the advocate for Sandtray Therapy in Australia. We work in partnership with other industry experts and stakeholders within Australia to support Sandtray Therapists. Our American partners support the regulation of Sandtray Therapy in Australia and are a fundamental aspect of the innovative learning experience that we are advocating to bring to Australia.

At Opengate Institute we are always looking to partner with others who are interested in sponsorship or advocacy in the areas of Children’s mental health and wellbeing, Disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Children in Schools and more. 

We have chosen to support Sandtray Therapy in these fields as this method is a researched evidenced-based approach that has been proven to work effectively as a preventative measure in early childhood, resilience building and a form of communication for those who are non-verbal, including children, adolescents and adults.

Opengate Institutes therapeutic centre is purpose built facility. The therapy centre is open for clients ages 3 – 100 years of age. Students can utilise the facilities to complete mandatory hours of training, in which we offer free sandtray therapy to clients for this purpose.

Our training staff are highly qualified in their field, which gives the learner a holistic experience of this unique and wonderful method of working with clients towards to good psychological health and wellness. 

Training and workshops are aimed at learners who work as educators, therapists in mental health including counsellors, psychologists, nurses, social workers, youth workers, community services and those working with children, disabilities or other specialist fields of allied health.

Opengate Institute Pty Ltd


Opengate Institute as a platform to unite the Sandtray/Sandplay therapy industry and provide a space for all therapists who use the method of sand, an indoor tray and miniature objects in their practice to gain support through peer programs, supervision and ongoing OPD/workshops. 


Our intention is to train the trainers who become experts in their own field; eg working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders/children/adolescents/adults or groups. 

Therapists would be matched with peers for support (via skype/zoom etc) and have the opportunity to attend specific sand method workshops/conferences for further exposure.


Our aim is to connect the industry through training and workshops and to help unite the industry in the standards of training being delivered and to provide learners with recognized government accreditation once training is complete.


Opengate Institute welcomes those with industry knowledge and expertise to join our industry group, we are looking for supervisors, trainers, workshop presenters and specialists in their fields. 

Our platform is a place for industry to showcase techniques, knowledge and create peer support, support for learners and a safe place to call our ‘sand home’.

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